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Disclaimer and about me
Disclaimer: This is not Airliners or! During the time I noticed that the screeners has developed a tradition to only accept over edited [...]
Düsseldorf Airport
Just before the world was plagued with Covid 19, I had another bonus trip with SAS. This time the trip went to Dussldorf. I took a few days off in February [...]
Ho Chi Minh City Airport
On my way home from Bangkok I took a little detour to visit Ho Chi Minh City Airport. My plan was to get one and a half day alongside the airport. I choose [...]
Bangkok Don Muang Airport
During my stay in Bangkok I took a one day trip out to the old main airport of Bangkok now called Don Muang Airport. This airport host the majority of the [...]
Bangkok Suvarnabuhmi Airport
In late fall 2018 I took a spotter trip to Bangkok, the trip I have had in mind for a few years and my plan was to combined it with one or two other [...]
Copenhagen Airport, 3. June 2018
Copenhagen Airport is my home airport and I have been traveling around the airport to take pictures for over 25 years. It has become a lot of pictures over [...]
Frankfurt Am Main
This trip to Frankfurt only came about because I had some bonus points I had to use before they expired. As always,I booked the smallest car, but ended up [...]
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, short report
When I arrived at  the airport in Beijing on the day of my return trip, I received a call from KLM that my flight from Amsterdam would be [...]
Beijing City Airport
I had in a time tought about a dedicated spotter trip to Beijing Airport, but could not decide in relation to which time should be the best. There were [...]
London 4 and 5 september 2015
After a meeting in London i decided to extend my stay for one day. I use it in London Heathrow airport in a cold and cloudy day. The first day i took [...]