Amsterdam Schiphol Airport day one

July 12, 2006 - Spotting trips 2006
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport day one

Well arrived to Amsterdam from London Gatwick Airport I found my rented bike! and I took it to find a way to the runways. It took not more than 15 minutes before I stood beside runway 36R to take som evening photos. I have put into the folde one because I only took 15 photos before I drew home to get something to eat. The next morning runway 06 was the primary runway and I choose that for a start, during the day they change runways as we had learned they do in Amsterdam. I must say it was great to see how they use the canals instead of high fences to keep people out of the airport. I stayed in Amsterdam for three days and I was actually satisfied with the results. The only negative about Amsterdam is that you can Choose a runway and two minutes after a great plane land on the other runway.

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