Manchester Airport, day one

May 13, 2008 - Spotting trips 2008
Manchester Airport, day one

In May 2008 i traveled to another football cup final to see some planes and as I always did I booked my ticket in Januar. If I in advance have known who the finalist would bee I have probably stayed at home. The finalist was Zenit St. Petersborg vs. Glasgow Rangers which means that there wouldn’t come any plane from Glasgow. I decided to get the best of the trip anyway but I didn’t expect an invasion to Manchester. A lot of good spots where you the most of the day can take good photos without dealing with obstacles such as a fence or trees. Another grat thing about my trip was that the weather was great, a lot of sun and only a few times some ignoring clouds passes by.

I had during my stay booked a B&B which was situated south of the airport that gave my the opportunity to walk to points where i took my photos. If I should take another trip to Manchester and I don’t rent a car, I will choose a place closer to shops and restaurants because on south of the airport there are close to nothing, and then grab a taxi and let him drive you to your first spotting location.

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