Madrid Barajas International Airport, 20. May 2010

May 20, 2010 - Spotting trips 2010
Madrid Barajas International Airport, 20. May 2010

This report is also from a football final, this time is it the Champions League Final where Inter played Bayern München. Of course there was some extra flights around the final, but when the airport have two runways in use for landing it is obvious that I only could cover one runway. I choosed to cover 32L only for the reason that the normal traffic from South America normal landed on that runway. Because of the warm weather I choosed not to go to traditional spot in the roundabout, but I stayed where the planes still is in the air just to avoid the heat haze. And yes, it is frustrating to see some nice planes land on 32R, but that’s part of the game. I stayed at AC Hotel by Marriott Coslada Aeropuerto, which was a great hotel near to both the morning and afternoon spot. I walked to both spots, but next time I will rent a car, just to have the opportunity to go back to the hotel at noon. Day one was the I arrived and where I just took a little walk to see a small numbers of airplanes. Day two and three i was at the runways the whole day.

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