Bangkok Don Muang Airport

December 4, 2018 - Spotting trips 2018
Bangkok Don Muang Airport

During my stay in Bangkok I took a one day trip out to the old main airport of Bangkok now called Don Muang Airport. This airport host the majority of the low cost airline undertaking. This airport is also a military airport and a military museum in the eastern part of the airport, but no worry, they do not say anything as long you stay outside the fence. In my opinion The museum is worth a visit and I suggest that the visit could be around midday because the picture you take on that time at the day get a hard shadow. It is very easy to come from the morning spot and to the museum, just take the blue bus and get help to get off at the right time. When you are finished take the bus back and drive over to afternoon spot.

My primary objective was to see as many of the Nok Air as possible, and I think I’m very close to get a picture of them all. Many of The Air Asia airlines has also some great color schemes.

As always I will link to the guy at to get information of where the best spots are.

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