Fort Lauderdale Airport, short report

April 10, 2012 - Spotting trips 2012
Fort Lauderdale Airport, short report

During our vacation in Florida in have two main objectives, and that was to have a day in Miami Airport and drive pass Opa Locka. But the day when we should travel home we had a whole day without a hotel and I suggested that we went to visit a special mall, and on the way out there I could have some time in Fort Lauderdale Airport. Here I for the first time had a bad experience wit the police. When a plane was a short final I went out a long side the perimeter Road, and after a couple of shoot the police arrived and told me that it was forbidden to stay along side the Perimeter Road. Because of the fact that I was on may way home I did what the man told me to do. The Airport was what I call a typical low cost carrier airport with a lot of narrow body jets which you don´t see at Miami international airport, and it`s a great supplement to Miami. Again the temperature was over 30 degrees and that the photos reveal clearly.

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