Disclaimer and about me

July 11, 2020 - Uncategorized
Disclaimer and about me


This is not Airliners or!

I have some pictures on the two sites, but I stopped when they claimed that I had falsified the image I had uploaded. Then I decided to make this site. The actually case was that i post a picture fra Copenhagen Airport of a plane during a ferry flight to US. the response I got back from the screeners was like this:

“Something about your photo(s) or the attached information led us to believe that you may not be the actual photographer of this photo.” 

This was how wrote as a comment to a rejection to my photo after I had post a picture that wasn’t in their database and don’t look like the usual suspect.  

The above comment from was the famous drop that caused the salvage to overflow. I decided not to post any picture on that site again.

Furthermore on those sites the sun always shines and there are no obstacle in front of the plane! This is not reality, my intention is to create a site that show the core issue of what it is to be a spotter, low skies, rainy days and lamppost in the bottom of the picture.

The most of my pictures would ever have a chance to be accepted on the flight pages, but mine photo has been edited as well! I still use the old version of Lightroom 3.0 and a old version of Photoshop, and I normally use the same settings and convert up to 15 to 30 photo at the same time. Then I use Photoshop to resize and give the photo some sharpening that’s all. After a spotting trip I normally can edited 45 pictures in one hours.

About me.

I’m in my fifties and I has been an aviation enthusiast since 1989 where I took my first pictures in Copenhagen Airport. That means that I got a lot of paper pitures of planes in absoulutly no order. I still remember the reason why I took out to the airport and that was to find out of how the airplane I should fly whith looks like. During the few hours i spent looking and took some photo, i heard the “old” spotters talk about what they expected later in the week. I sounds interessting and I drow out to airport again two days later just to see a lot of photographpers talking about the special color schems the plane had. in the next couple of week I joined the plane spotter community and I more or less vist one country every year to take pictures of planes.

Do I still have some objectives to achives? Yes, my intentione is in the nearest future to visit Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda and I have never lost the idea to visit Achorage Airport in Alaska.

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