Frankfurt Am Main

September 2, 2016 - Spotting trips 2016
Frankfurt Am Main

This trip to Frankfurt only came about because I had some bonus points I had to use before they expired. As always,I booked the smallest car, but ended up with a nice big Ford Focus. I had chosen to stay east of the airport at the Airport Walldorf Hotel, a standard budget hotel with breakfast. I chose the place because there were good parking conditions and it was easy to get to my favorite photo spots depending on the wind direction.

Compared to many other airports, I could see that there were still a lot of cargo planes during the day time, which is always a good change compared to the normal traffic.

Otherwise, this trip did not offer anything out of the ordinary, it should just be that the restaurant at Zeppelinheim Station has changed its name from Waldhütte to Terminal 4, but that does not change the fact that it is always nice to sit outside and enjoy a traditional German currywurst.

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