Lisboa Marco Polo International Airport, day one

May 23, 2014 - Spotting trips 2014
Lisboa Marco Polo International Airport, day one

Champions League Final in 2014 and I have once again booked a ticket to be witness to all the charter flight with spectators to the final… Not this year the final was between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I decided to enjoy to trip instead of been negativ. I lived inside the city, and I used a taxi to go outside to the photo spot at the airport. I started beside the McDonald spot, and during the day serverel more spotters arrived at the spot. The result was that the car who passed the place reduce speed to see this mysterious phenomena were around 15 to 20 spotter stod a took pictures. The police came a lot of time and told us to move because we disturb the traffic. But the problem was solved when the sun moved further south, then everyone moved to the next spot. When I look back on trip I was pretty satisfied with the amount of plane and it was a great trip.     

In the evening during the football match I take a walk during the city, and it was almost no people on the street, but from every window you could hear the television and football comments.

Do I want to go back to Lisboa? Of cause I will, there was some interesting planes and a lot of businness flights.

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